October 15 to November 10, annually
Celebrating all things chocolate. And all things that pair with chocolate, cooking with chocolate, thinking outside the chocolate box… and more

Job Postings

Planning for the Festival of Chocolate 2014 is about to begin. We will have volunteer positions available for every department - marketing, advertising, human resources, event planning, event creation, sponsor development, fundraising, creative content management, accounting, administrative, PR, Media Relations. Get involved in a mentored work experience. Volunteer positions are available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month opportunities, requiring 10 to 15 hours per week before the Festival begins. During the Festival, we may need a greater time commitment from you, but it will all be worth it! We welcome individuals and team projects.

We currently have openings for the following volunteer positions available. Please see the job description for each position to find out more and for instructions on how to apply.

Chocolate Ambassador

Are you passionate about chocolate? We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to learn more about chocolate appreciation while teaching others about it.

Events Manager

We need several event managers to help us coordinate our events from planning through to execution. Each event manager will be in charge of a specific type of event.


Go Golf Events Management offers career building and resume building meaningful work experience to volunteers. Please contact Dawn Donahue at for information.



Cocoa and Chocolate has an amazing history, lots of great stories and recipes - Discover Now, and link to the Chocolate and More page http://www.festivalofchocolate.ca/en/facts/