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Artisan Chocolate celebrated at Festival of Chocolate

What is artisan chocolate?
Artisan chocolate is like a good bottle of wine. It is made by master chocolate makers who use the finest cacao beans to create a delectable symphony of flavors. It may come from a specific bean, from a single origin or even from a single estate. It may have hints of cashew, raisin or cherry. It may taste grassy or earthy. It may be simple or complex, with flavors that linger on the palate.  Artisan Chocolatiers offer you the chance to try and compare hundreds of bars of chocolate made with some of the finest cacao in the world by artisans who are passionate about creating flavorful chocolate.

Why is this chocolate so special?
Excellent cacao bean qualityArtisan chocolate starts with well-farmed, quality cacao beans that have been fermented and roasted to bring out the best in their flavor profiles. Chocolate is made by artisans who appreciate the importance of quality cacao and who treat it with the respect and the individual attention it deserves.

Minimal ingredients:

The finest chocolate has the simplest ingredients, relying on the flavor of the chocolate to shine. There should be no more than “cocoa mass” or “cocoa liquor”, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and soy lecithin in a quality bar of dark chocolate. Many artisan chocolate makers include even fewer ingredients. While dark chocolate should not include milk as an ingredient, milk chocolate will also include milk powder.

Does the % of chocolate on the label matter?

You may hear a lot in the press about high-percentage chocolate being quality chocolate. The percentage of chocolate is not an indicator of the quality of the cacao beans or the ingredients used to make the chocolate, so it is not fair to assume that high-percentage chocolate is good chocolate.While comparing the % on the labels of chocolate from the same maker will help you distinguish the bittersweet from the semisweet, comparing this information across different chocolate makers can be misleading. These numbers are calculated differently by different chocolate makers, resulting in comparisons that are not apples-to-apples.

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Artisan Chocolatiers are found in ever increasing numbers as the demand for high quality chocolate grows in the community. The use of local ingredients, seasonal ingredients, and the recognition of the healthy benefits of pure dark chocolate supports these delicious businesses.

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